TAIS - The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory

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The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory is one of the most comprehensive and reliable assessment tools in the market. TAIS has been successfully used, not only by world-class tennis players but by Olympic teams, elite military forces, and top businesses. This system allows high-performance coaches to recruit, evaluate and improve the performance of their athletes. TAIS will predict how an individual will perform under a variety of circumstances. This assessment is particularly strong at identifying how well tennis players can focus their attention in various areas and will predict how they will perform in general.

20 Scales of TAIS

  • Awareness of the environment and the ability to react quickly.
  • External distractability (environmental)
  • Analytical/Conceptual orientation, the ability to problem solve and plan.
  • Internal distractibility.
  • Focused concentration and follow through.
  • Reduced flexibility, the failure to shift attention to task-relevant cues.
  • Tendency to multi-task, deal with a busy world.
  • Behavioral Impulsivity and risk-taking.
  • Need for control and willingness to assume a leadership role.
  • Self-esteem (adjusted by the tendency to be self-critical).
  • Physical Competitiveness.
  • Speed of decision making.
  • Extroversion—enjoying being the center of attention, meeting new people.
  • Introversion— desire for time alone.
  • Intellectual assertiveness.
  • Confrontiveness and expression of criticism or anger.
  • Expression of positive feelings and support.
  • Focus over Time—continuous commitment and sacrifice to a pursuit.
  • Performance under Pressure—the ability to perform well when all is on the line.
  • Self-Critical – the extent to which the person self-corrects

All of these scales are directly related to your performance on the tennis court while competing and in practice. TAIS is focused on predicting and improving each individual’s performance by providing personalized reports and feedback on the athlete.


Using The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory results, we can predict which players are more likely to talk than listen and why, which players will have a hard time focusing on details. We can identify those players who listen poorly because they are so easily distracted. We can identify which players will react better to criticism and which will be better off with positive reinforcement feedback.

Your Performance Matters. It all starts with you unlocking what’s stopping you from performing at your best! It is easy to identify for an experienced coach what’s not working in your technical, tactical or physical aspect of the game. What if I told you that there is a way to understand your MENTAL strengths and weaknesses as well? What if I told you that now you can create a mental player profile, in the same way, coaches create technical and tactical ones? 

Course Curriculum

Introduction to TAIS
What is TAIS? 00:00:00
What does TAIS measure? 00:00:00
How long will the assessment take? 00:00:00
TAIS in Tennis
How is TAIS used in tennis? 00:00:00
How is TAIS used to enhance the performance of a tennis player? 00:00:00
When and How Would I Use the TAIS Profile? 00:00:00
TAIS Test Results 00:00:00
TAIS Test 00:00:00
TAIS Test Instruction 00:00:00
Test Interpretation
Awareness 00:00:00
External Distractibility 00:00:00
Analytical/Conceptual 00:00:00
Internal Distractibility 00:00:00
Action/Focused 00:00:00
Reduced Flexibility 00:00:00
Information Processing 00:00:00
Orientation Towards Rules and Risk 00:00:00
Control 00:00:00
Self-Confidence 00:00:00
Physical Competitiveness 00:00:00
Decision Making Style 00:00:00
Extroversion 00:00:00
Introversion 00:00:00
Expression of ideas/Intellectually competitive 00:00:00
Expression of Criticism and Anger 00:00:00
Expression of Support and Affection 00:00:00
Self-Critical 00:00:00
Focus Over Time 00:00:00
Performance Under Pressure 00:00:00
TAIS Factor Descriptions
Confidence Factor 00:00:00
Energy Factor 00:00:00
Competitiveness 00:00:00
Extroversion 00:00:00
Critical 00:00:00
Anxiety 00:00:00
Distractibility 00:00:00
Mission Profile
Mission Profile 00:00:00
The Elite Tennis Player Mission Profile 00:00:00

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