Advanced Tactics for Singles

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This course is dedicated to all the tennis players that are looking to take their tactical understanding and overall game to the next level. It lays the foundation for HIGH-PERFORMANCE TACTICS which goes into more detail in regards to the competitive aspect of an aspiring Junior or Touring Pro.

It is a course that will go in-depth in analyzing and breaking down the tactical aspect of modern singles utilizing the latest technology in video, sports science and using interactive learning methods.

Here is what you will learn and how exactly you will benefit from it:

  • What is the difference between tactics and strategy?
  • What are game styles?
  • How to identify your game style?
  • How to identify your opponent’s game style?
  • Training with a purpose based on your game style
  • Winning singles tactics
  • What is high percentage tennis?
  • Court geometry and how it will affect your tactical choices?
  • Training sessions and examples
  • Tactical development blueprint based on age and requirements for each stage
  • Training examples and assignments to help you achieve your goals

The course will be delivered using a combination of videos, audio files, written forms, interactive videos and it will constantly test your understanding of the concepts being presented.

Who is this course for:

  • Tennis players looking to improve their competitive performance
  • Tennis parents looking to help their kids develop faster and optimize their on-court training time
  • Tennis coaches that are looking to deliver quality programs by having all the students speak the same tactical “language” and have a better tactical awareness
  • Tennis clubs looking to uniform their teaching methodology amongst coaches


If you are looking for an EXCITING and ENGAGING presentation that will challenge your tennis IQ and push your limits, then this course is made for you. I will be presenting the information, testing your understanding, give you practice examples and time to assimilate what you have learned and then challenge you some more. This is definitely not a quick fix course that will give you shortcuts to success. My expectations as a coach are that you will be putting in the effort and the work to learn and apply all of the things that will be presented and that you take the time to grow your game as tennis is more of a marathon when it comes to development rather than a sprint.


Course Curriculum

Advanced Tactics Introduction Details 00:00:00
The Acquisition of Skills Details 00:00:00
The Game of Errors Details 00:00:00
High Percentage Tennis
Tactical Aspects of Percentage Play Details 00:00:00
High Percentage Tennis for Advanced Players Details 00:00:00
Strategy and Tactics
Difference between Strategy and Tactics Details 00:00:00
Understanding rally length Details 00:00:00
Rally Length in Men’s Tennis Details 00:00:00
Rally Length in Women’s Tennis Details 00:00:00
Game Styles in Tennis
What are Game Styles? Details 00:00:00
Personal Factors Influencing Game Styles Details 00:00:00
The Counter Puncher ( Defensive Player ) Details 00:00:00
The Aggressive Baseliner Details 00:00:00
The Serve and Attacking Player Details 00:00:00
The All Around Player Details 00:00:00
Find Your Game Style
Identify and Develop your Game Style Details 00:00:00
How to Counter the Different Game Styles Details 00:00:00
Tactical Concepts
Play Consistent Tennis Details 00:00:00
The 4 Responses Details 00:00:00
Mid Point Recovery Details 00:00:00
Court Target Area Details 00:00:00
My Action Radius Details 00:00:00
Court Geometry Details 00:00:00
Change of Direction Details 00:00:00
Change the Rhythm Details 00:00:00
The 1-2 Shot Sequence Details 00:00:00
Attacking the Short Ball Details 00:00:00
Court Zones Details 00:00:00
Center the Ball Details 00:00:00
The 5 Game Situations
The 5 Game Situations Introduction Details 00:00:00
Serving Details 00:00:00
Serve Placement Details 00:00:00
Returning Details 00:00:00
Neutralizing the First Serve Details 00:00:00
The Aggressive Second Serve Return Details 00:00:00
Baseline Play
Both Players at The Baseline Details 00:00:00
Building the Point From the Baseline Details 00:00:00
Attacking From the Baseline Details 00:00:00
Defending From the Baseline Details 00:00:00
Approaching the net
Approaching the Net Details 00:00:00
Passing the Net Player
Passing the Net Player Details 00:00:00
Understanding the target court zones
Shot Placement Details 00:00:00
Patterns of Play Details 00:00:00
The Tactical Development Blueprint
Stages of Tactical Development Details 00:00:00
Court Geometry Details 00:00:00
Developing Your Winning Patterns of Play Details 00:00:00
  • 10 Days



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